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How Often Should you have Gutter Cleaning?

It depends! Some houses can go for a couple of years between cleanings. Others need cleaning twice a year or more. Each situation is different

Develop A History

Starting out to find the downspouts and gutter cleaning frequency is needed and should be checked twice a year for signs of blockage, leaks, and possible overflowing.

If you live in a high rainfall area or have a lot of trees hanging over the house you may want to increase the frequency of checking the gutter system. As you check the system and track the need for cleaning after a season or two it will be very clear what is needed for gutter cleaning frequency.

Gutter cleaning

When To Clean Gutters

For those who can not see any of the gutters from inside the house and do not climb ladders checking the system for blockage can be relatively easy. On clear days check for signs of mold or streaking on places the gutters may overflow.

Observe the siding for discolorations indicating water leaks. Just when it starts to rain go to the outlet of the downspouts and if water does not flow very soon after the start of heavy rain you know that something is blocking either the gutters or leaders.

If you want to stay dry and the garden hose spray can reach the roof the same test can be done on the system by spraying water on the roof and simulating a rain, checking the water flows down the system as it saturates the roof and fills the gutter.

This way you don’t have to do gutter cleaning more often than needed. Regardless if you are doing it yourself or paying someone to climb up and clean the gutters no one wants to waste time, energy, or money on something that is not needed.


Gutter Cleaning Frequency

Prior to having a history on when gutter cleaning is needed for a house follow this rule of thumb. Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned and checked for signs of necessary repairs at least twice a year.

Typically, the best gutter cleaning frequency will be during spring when the tree seed pods and flower debris are down and fall when the leaves are down but take care not to wait so long a prolonged freeze sets in.

Each year this window of opportunity can be very different. The late fall option can be difficult if put off too long and you get into snow and freezing weather where it is not safe or practical to work on gutters.

If you suspect a problem or live in an extremely rainy climate, then perhaps, you should check and clean the gutters more frequently. If there are a lot of trees that are high or overhang the roof then the need for cleaning will naturally increase the frequency.

Some people cannot tell in advance the gutter cleaning frequency, thus just wait till the gutters show a problem then have them cleaned. This method can stretch out the need for cleaning but also lead to a sudden-death playoff with problems in the winter being the hardest to resolve if there are freezing conditions.

If you live in an area that winter is cold enough for freezing then you can get ice dams in the gutters and water pouring into the house as melting snow from the heat inside works up under the roof since the ice blocks the normal flow of water off the roof.

As you keep track of how much material is removed at cleaning, how full the gutters are, and if there are blocked downspouts you will know what the right gutter cleaning frequency is. Most houses always have bad spots and areas of guttering that stay clear.