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Specializing in residential and commercial roof repair and full replacement. No job too big or small. Serving the greater Santa Barbara area including, Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito and Carpinteria. Call us today for a free quote!

More Than 20 Years Of Experience

Reliable Roofing Repairs is a leading roofing company that prides itself in providing top quality roofing services in all commercial and residential. We have been in this industry for more than 20 years with over hundreds of loyal customers; our referrals are our biggest flex and are confident you will not want to look elsewhere ever again. We are your best choice among roofing contractors in the Santa Barbara area.

High grade materials for your roof

High Grade Materials For Your Roof

A superior quality roofing starts with the right materials. As experienced roofers, Reliable Roofing Repairs make sure that we begin each roofing project with premium materials with a proven track record for excellence.

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Whether you’re looking for roof repair or roof replacement, you deserve quality installation. With more than 20 years of dedication and experience in this industry, we have what it takes to make your home more exceptional and energy efficient more than ever before. Contact us  at 1000000 and get a free quote!

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We at Reliable Roofing Repairs focus only on results. For us, it’s all about what adds value for your home and your business


We work with commitment and integrity and strive to maintain leadership in the roofing industry. We go above and beyond your expectations. Call us for a free quote and speak to a Reliable Roofing Repairs roofing expert today.

Reliable Roofing Repairs aims to achieve our clients satisfaction. We make sure that our expert roofers are trained, experienced, and equipped with modern technology and premium materials. We are offering

Reliable Roofing Repairs’ Roof Inspection Service  includes thorough checking on the caps of tiles, roof drains, spouts and more. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, our certified roof professionals are already familiar with the weather in the area. 

A building is not complete if it’s roofing solution is not the most suitable one. To set things right, you have to choose the best roofing company to give you a Roofing Replacement Service that is exceptional. 

Mostly, it is not on the type of roof that is installed that makes it last longer, but it’s also with the Roofers expertise to give long-term roofing solutions for your commercial structures With Reliable Roofing Repairs.

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